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Questions and answers

Moni365: What is your interest rate?

We will contact banks on your behalf in order to secure loan offers for you. Hopefully, you will get many loan offers - but we cannot in advance tell you what the interest rate will be. That depends on the lender, and you will see the rate and tenure only after you have applied and received a loan offer from one of our partner lenders.

Moni365: What documents do you require?

This will depend on the loan offer that you get - some of the lenders require more documentation than others. Most of the lenders want to see some proof of income, proof of employment and ID. But you only need to present these when asked to do so!

Moni365: I have a bad credit report, can I still get a loan?

A bad credit report means it will be harder than normal to get a loan. However, it is not impossible to get a loan offer from our partners. Your status might reflect on the interest rate offered though.

Moni365: Why did I not receive a loan offer?

Unfortunately, we cannot say the specific reason for this. Typically, it is because of a bad credit report, false information, or then you do not fit the segment of the lenders.

Moni365: Why is the interest rate higher than what I have seen elsewhere?

We only tell the customers the "Effective interest rate". The Effective interest rate measures the true interest you will be paying on your outstanding loan. <p>The effective interest rate is the only easy for you to compare without the risk of being tricked.

Moni365: Can I do early repayment?

Almost all lenders allow early repayment, in fact, they are very pleased if you do this. However, it is an important thing to look at when you sign the loan agreement which you will receive directly from the lender.

Filling in the Form: What happens if the information I submit is not true?

The lenders (banks) have their sources to verify your information. If any of the information submitted is untrue, your application will be rejected sooner or later. This is why it is important for you to state correct information on e.g. salary.

I need to finalize my application on a lender site, is that safe?

Yes, all the links that we provide on Moni365.com are safe for you to follow.

I sent an application a month ago, can I reapply for a new loan?

Yes, you can reapply 30 days after you first applied, and we will contact lenders on your behalf again. Things may change quickly!

How do you contact banks on my behalf?

We will normally make a series of API calls to our partners to get the best offers quickly to our customers. However, some of our partners work with us without having a full API.

I work at a bank that would like to become a partner of Moni365

Great, we are always looking for trustworthy and legal credit providers to make our customers happier. Please contact us in order to see if your company is a good fit for our customers.